Open Source / Free Software for Effective Industry 4.0


On November 12th, Nexedi GmbH and the host, Fraunhofer IAO, organised in Stuttgart a presentations and discussions around latest success cases, technologies and research projects focusing on the effective implementation of "Industry 4.0" using Open Source / Free Software developed in Europe and Japan by Nexedi Group and its partners: MariaDB, Linutronix, Olimex, Slowtec.


The meetup was targeted at companies interested in how to deploy effective "Industry 4.0" solutions based on simple and reliable architectures being used in production for more than 10 years, as well as companies looking for solutions maintainable in the long term through direct contact with core developers from Europe and Japan. It was also an great event for companies curious to learn more about the potential of "Industry 4.0" and what it could bring to their business model.

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